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DeHero - A Decentralized GameFi Application II Part-1

Hello and welcome back everyone, I am Alamin. I hope you guys are well. I am back with another binance blockchain project called DeHeros. This has lots of features like games, nft mining, staking and many more needed features. Today in this part of the article I will explain some of the features of DeHeros project. I hope you guys will love to check out this project.

What is DeHeros?

DeHero is a BSC-based decentralized GameFi application that allows users to open a pack of NFT cards from a blind box and use the appropriate training method to collect NFT loops, mine NFT resources, and mine cards. As a result, HEROES users will receive DeHero governance tokens.

NFT cards can be traded by users on the trading market. More pragmatic scenarios such as NFT card wars and DAO community sovereignty will be available shortly.




The Marketplace section is built for different uses on the website, like for buying/selling products of their own. Such as Nft card buy/sell, In-app store for buying gaming staff. Not only that, with this marketplace, we can buy our needed cards from anyone. NFT cards can be freely traded by players. HEROES and BUSD transactions are currently supported in the game. In the marketplace for buy/sell, we can use only 2 currencies, like busd and heros token. But for buying and selling listings, we have to pay a small amount of bnb fees to complete the transaction on the network.


The dehero Players can get irregular nft legend the card by the reason buy blind box nft card pack marking ft resources and give fluid every saint has six quality level while blu purple and gold low to the high and medium position. the high the level the most noteworthy the combo limit the card number quality combat capital and number of the symbolic contact decide the worth of a card in the wake of getting nft player can participate in card mining equation mining stage as indicated by that the guidelines of the game advancement mining impacts effectiveness and get all the more than, at that point game income.

There are some ways about Card collectible mining with has a different benefit in every section. I divide everything in part by part.

Each card of different quality has a corresponding amount of experience. Experience is used to increase the number of available card slots.

Calculating the Ratio of NFT Cards to the total combat strength of the process of calculating the ratio of NFT cards to the total power of all servers is called tabular drawing cards. The effectiveness of a player's draw is determined by the ratio of the total combat strength of the selected cards to the total combat strength of the servers.

The corresponding hero's card slot can be used to upgrade the card slot. The upgraded card slot will include a fighting capacity bonus. The card used to upgrade the card slot, on the other hand, will be destroyed. The HEROES contained in this card will be released in stages over 120 hours. The HEROES that have been released can be obtained through the card mining interface.


Card combination bonus:

Some cards are compatible with each other. When these cards are combined, users can get rewards.

The reward for the number of card collections:

When the number of cards in a card game reaches a certain threshold, the corresponding total combat ability reward will be obtained.

Look I told that there had lots of features and it takes soo much time to elaborate everything. That is why I will make another part of it where I will cover about LIQUIDITY MINING, STAKING, ROADMAP, AND SOME MORE DETAILS ABOUT THIS PROJECT I HOPE YOU GUYS WILL SUPPORT ME IN THE 2ND PART OF THIS ARTICLE. Which will be posted Very soon on the profile.


  • TOTAL SUPPLY: 21000000 $HEROES.


Heroes contract(BSC): 0x261510Dd6257494eEA1DDA7618DBe8a7b87870dd

MIX contract(BSC): 0x398f7827dccbefe6990478876bbf3612d93baf05


  • NFT Issuance Stakes: 10%.
  • NFT Card Collectibles Mining: 35%.
  • Liquidity Mining: 20%.
  • Non-destructive Mining: 05%.
  • Marketing/Operation/Development: 15%.
  • Content/IP: 15%.

To know more information & all upcoming update news about this I strongly suggest everyone check out their official handle.





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