Hello everyone, I am Alamin. I hope you guys are well. I am back with another decentralized finance or defi project review for you. I hope you guys will love this project review. The project name is Mozart Finance. Which is a full combination of the swap, farming, liquidity, lending, and lottery features. So let’s explain all features.

What is Mozart Finance?

Mozart Finance is a deflationary financial deal that uses various deflationary technologies and strategies to create a long-term sustainable DeFi ecosystem. Unlike many competitors in the market, Mozart Financial will be based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Therefore, the goal of the network is to be faster, cheaper, and more powerful than its Ethereum counterparts.

How Mozart Finance Work?

Mozart Finance uses Binance's smart chain feature to achieve its goal of creating a sustainable deflationary DeFi ecosystem. According to their development team, the network will be packed with certain features that will definitely pique people's interest when they launch. These are some of the best features announced so far.


  • SWAP & Liquidity
  • Yield Farming / Farms & Staking
  • Higher ROIs
  • IFO


  • Lottery
  • NFT Support
  • Decentralized Betting
  • Lending

This is one of the most wanted features for any defi platform. This features help users to swap from any bsc crypto coin/ token to any crypto coin/ token. And we know that by liquidity option we can earn extra by providing liquidity to any crypto project. I hope you guys know about the liquidity features working process. Now you can say though other popular exchange also gives us same features then why we choose muzart. Then answer is simple in other popular exchange lots of users already provided liquidity that is why we get the lowest amount of return. Though it is new so if we provide liquidity first then we can get a higher return too.


The primary function of Mozart Finance is Yield farming & staking. The developers announced that the platform will provide multiple pools that will give investors the highest APR. Yield farming is a better option for trading because it doesn't require a lot of research. Lock your funds in the YF group and you will be rewarded according to the level of participation.


Another great attraction of Mozart Finance is its higher APR. The developers boast that these prices will far exceed current industry standards. Combined with the deflationary strategy that the platform seeks to adopt, Mozart Finance hopes to provide a profitable alternative to the DeFi community.

  • IFO:

IFO is one of the most interesting features. Both users and blockchain projects are the network’s IFO options. Compared to Initial Coin Offering ( ICO ) Initial Farm Offering ( IFO ) is considered more democratic and transparent. Therefore, in recent months, DeFi companies have been quick to embrace them.



In upcoming weeks, Mozart Finance plans to open a lottery feature. By which users can participate in these games only if they have a certain amount of PIANO. More details on this feature will be released soon.


Another new feature to be released is network NFT support. Today, NFTs have become popular products on the market, some of which sell for millions of dollars. Mozart Finance seeks to support this emerging industry in a deflationary ecosystem. Users will be able to use Mozart Finance to transact, collect, and create NFTs.


Mozart Finance will also set foot in the field of decentralized games. Users will be able to place bets on their favorite games and win the chips they won. Deflation is another fast-growing area of ​​the blockchain industry. The decision to support these services can bring rewards to Mozart Financial.


As part of an inclusive approach to the DeFi market, Mozart Finance intends to support P2P loan deals. The DeFi loan agreement allows you to replace the bank. You can lend money to the loan pool and earn interest for your efforts. Most importantly, the agreement is set up in such a way that you can receive repayment on time, regardless of whether the lender keeps his promise.


The main benefit that Mozart Finance users will enjoy is that the deflation mechanism can increase the overall stability of the platform. By combining various token burning mechanisms, Mozart Financial hopes to ensure a longer lifespan for its network. Specifically, 1% of each transaction will be burned. Also, the network will randomly record once a week according to current market conditions.

Eventually, all unsold initial and presale liquidity tokens will be burned. This recording strategy will allow Mozart developers to control the value of the platform's local PIANO token to the greatest extent possible.



Mozart Finance recently announced its intention to conduct multiple code reviews. The developer has signed a contract with ImmuneBytes for the first review. The platform is expected to undergo further reviews before the pre-sale begins next week.


There is an another reason why investors may find Mozart Finance attractive is its lower transaction costs. Since the network is based on BSC rather than Ethereum, it is not restricted by high gas fees on other popular DeFi platforms. Until recently, investors looked for alternatives in the market to avoid these increases in gasoline costs.


The platform fulfills the desire of developers to provide the DeFi community with a more transparent selection of improved varieties of agriculture and integrates some consumer protection measures. First, the network has agreed to lock in its liquidity for 8 months after the advance sale is completed.


Piano token is the native token of this DeX. This is made for multiple purposes of this dex. You can swap, farm, playing games, and use all the features with this coin.

Ticker: PIANO
Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)
Minted supply: 100.000 PIANO
Total supply: 9.600.000 PIANO
Contract address: 0xd46936677B2C1Bb696F2b67c55239331E2b7Cd42


Mozart Finance encapsulated the current driving force to find an alternative to Ethereum in the DeFi space. The platform aims to provide a complete ecosystem of deflation and inclusion. As Ethereum gasoline costs hit a record high, Mozart Financial can prove that it is a valuable asset to move forward. Currently, interested investors can find more information about the project here. All the best in defi platform Hopefully we can grow together.

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Author: Al-amin Ahsan

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BEP-20 Address: 0xdf0fE77049DD214582DE67812a4F072f25f320C2

I am not a financial advisor This Article is for informational purpose. I don’t suggest anyone invest in any project. If you want then do your own research. Your money your research your risk.



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