MY IDENTITY COIN ( MYID ) — World first identified coin

Hello everyone, I am Alamin. I hope you guys are well. I am back with another crypto project review for you. I hope you guys will loved this project review. The project name is My identity coin (MYID). It is also called " The money project ".
This project is a partnered project from OkGlobal project. This project is very interesting project. I hope you will read this article to know about this project.


MY IDENTITY (MYID) COIN is described as a reliable and powerful project that is built to bring the world’s first tagging/wrapping technology into the limelight. This technology is very innovative and enhances the security of crypto-assets. One of the primary aims of creating this tagging/wrapping technology by this project is to eliminate the risks that come from loss and theft.

One of the significance of this extraordinary project known as MY IDENTITY COIN that is utilized in the coding of the OkGlobal Coins. This makes it workable for every one of the OKGlobal Coins to be coded with the proprietors recognizing data minimize loss as well as theft.

I must know that My Identity Coin ( MYID ) is a Utility coin. The purpose of the token is not only to mark the blockchain, but also to identify each owner through a unique owner identification code. One of the advantages of using this token ( MYID ) to encode the blockchain is that it ultimately eliminates the threat of loss, unfair confiscation and theft.


The money project consists of my identity coins. OKGlobal coin and SWITCH is the instant payment service platform. It's purpose is to bring blockchain solutions to the universal currency, as well as investment risks and restrictions. Through the use of various platforms, services and technologies, Money Project is committed to making the global society re-use currency instead of legal tender.

In short, the money project is just a solution to the problems related to Fiat currency. Except for non-value stores, Fiat currencies are highly volatile because they have no intrinsic value. Unlike Fiat currency, money is safer and less risky because it is a store of value.

Gold is a strong example of currency, it has been a value of storage tools for many years. When the unpredictability of the global financial market is increasingly important, gold has become an umbrella of investors.

This project "Money Project" is a project specifically designed to help people make money and save money, and to ensure that people never lose their investment. One of OkGlobal's goals is to become a democratic self-governing organization that is autonomous through participation and voting rights of participants.


OkGlobal Coin SWITCH is a well-known cryptocurrency, which is associated with a community quick payment and service platform. It is based on the reinvestment of profits in currency exchange, payment processing etc. And has the unique characteristic of an inherent increase in coin value. Not only determines the future of global payments, but also determines the management of individual currencies.

OkGlobal Coin is very attractive, which is correct. Because it has a hedging tool to prevent the loss of all value. So it is very suitable for investors. Another interesting part of this project is that is innovative and provides many incentives and opportunities. A centralized financial system like traditional banking cannot solve this problem. It allows everyone who holds OkGlobal Coin to participate. People benefit from the profits generated by their currency.

On the other hand, the switch Instant cross payment and service platform provides solutions to real-world problems, such as high transaction fees, insufficient inherent transaction value, value fluctuations, and slow account reconciliation.It serves as the basic framework and software for payment transfer and verification.


MYID coin is designed for special purpose, it is used to mark cryptographic block with unique or personal identification code. Once migrated to the extraordinary blockchain, MY IDENTITY COIN will begin to run in OkGlobal's algorithm grid. Due to its function, it may be used for other valuable blockchain-based assets in the future.

OkGlobal coin is a viable standard cryptocurrency, currently the TRC21 token flowing from tomochain. Like MYID COIN, it is also expected to run on its unique blockchain before beta testing for the SWITCH Instant Payment platform. Its community is designed to operate and create conditions in accordance with the prescribed rules to help their participants.

Although the OkGlobal and SWITCH are part of "The Money Project" they are not owned by the same partner company. But to fully browse the uncertain securities regulations and ensure full compliance, my figure, Okglobal Coin, and Switch must be constantly adapted. This will not only enable people to use SWITCH as a payment and service platform, but will also enable people to use OkGlobal tokens instead of legal traditional currencies.


If you want to get more information about this project then check out there official handle:
Bitcointalk ANN:

Author: Al-amin Ahsan

Btt username: Imran232
Btt profile link:
ERC-20 Address: 0x55bA9c90c37e3206570AC9dc872c0f053d155F77

This Article is for informational purpose. I don’t suggest anyone to invest any project. If you want to do then do your own research. Your money your research your risk.

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I write about crypto project related article. I explain everything about a project which is based on crypto

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Al-amin Ahsan

Al-amin Ahsan

I write about crypto project related article. I explain everything about a project which is based on crypto

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