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In our everyday payment system, we almost always use the bank system, no matter if it is a remittance or a large amount of payment from one country to another. The bank was our ultimate solution. Why did I say it was? If you read this article, you will know everything. We all know that the world is becoming more modern and that in every sector we need modern and digital methods.

But still, banks use their old traditional methods for remittance. But we need change, so today I found a crypto project that will be the solution to digital banking and global payments. Though by hearing the crypto, you might think there will be legality issues, but the best thing is that they are coming up with all the solutions so that we shouldn’t face any problems. Their roadmap makes it clear that they will be involved with government athorise and bank support. Wait, don’t be confused. Read the articles for all the details.

Hello and welcome back everyone, I am Alamin. I hope you guys are well. I am back with global payment and digital banking projects too all of you and the projects called “PDX Coin.” Today I will explain all of the features of PDX Coin. I hope you guys will love to check out this project.

What is PDX Coin?

Pdx Coin is a complete payment solution for any purpose you need. They basically focus on some main payment problems and solutions, like remittance, merchants, or vendors. They need it more and they need a payment method where they can trust they can get it easily and the sender also gets some privacy. This is a complete solution for everyone. This is a blockchian-based technology, so everyone can easily get involved with this project and use it. because they come with a simple UI/ux design too. Despite the fact that it is crypto, transactions are extremely fast.

Why PDX Coin?

PDX is a solution for global payments and digital banking services. If we want a digital service or payment system that will be fast, secure, easy to use and, the best part, when and where ever I want, I can use it without any problem. In the conventional world, PDX’s major goal is to profit on its crypto payment and virtual banking capabilities. We are developing our technology and product base in preparation of a fully functional and densely inhabited metaverse.

In the realms of sports, gambling, gaming, and other entertainment, PDX plans to build long-term partnerships, joint ventures, and alliances with content creators. One of the project’s objectives is to participate in the construction of popular metaverse destinations that are only served by payment and financial systems. What makes these projects more unique? If we want financial freedom, then the digital system is very much appreciated. Then why not pdx coin? I’ll explain why below.write more details about this project.


Payments App.
Low Cost Fastest Transaction.
Cross Border Payment.

Payments App:

PDX Coin launches its full-featured payment application. Through that, anyone who has a smartphone can access their account and use their funds anywhere in the world. Just think, you go shopping at a retailer and buy something worth $4. Now you don’t have the exact $4 and you can use your Pdx coin payment app to send him his payment. It’s simple: if you want to buy a million-dollar item, you don’t need to carry a checkbook; you can pay with this payment app without any security concerns.


Pdx coin is blockchain based and it is crypto compatible, so it can be centralized and decentralized. But payment apps are decentralized compatible. by which you can send funds anonmoyously.

Low Cost Fastest Transaction:

We all know that when we send remitances, the bank charges almost 7–11% on average. which is a huge amount for a worker. And not only that, when we send money, the money has been verified and then sent to his country’s bank, where it is verified and then sent to the reciver. What is time-consuming too? Look, it’s time-consuming and hugely tax-consuming. But here is a solution to the PDX coin. It is a peer-to-peer system where payment will be instant and the charge will be a max of 2.2%.

Cross Border Payment:

Cross-border payment is a huge problem for remittance senders and recievers. When a sender sends his remitance through a bank, the payment is on hold for some time because remittance is sent from one country to another, and when a user sends a payment, it needs to change the currency and find the specific bank that has what they need. In this case, they are using a third-party money exchanger. That is why it takes time and they also cut a little fee too. which is painful for the sender and the receiver.

And Pdx Coin will be the solution for cross-border payment. There will be no middle man through the payment of pdx coin. It will be peer to-peer directly. So the person directly sends his payment to the person.

A pdx coin is a utility token of the pdx network. It is erc-20 compatible too. The main purpose of creating this coin is to facilitate cross-border payment from one country to another through remittance. This helps people get the lowest cost and fastest transaction within a second.



Q1 2022:

Start marketing and PR campaigns globally for the public and institutional sale of the Pdx coin.

Beginning Of Q4 2022:

The development process will be live of the Siberian blockchain protocol.

END Of Q4 2022:

The 1st phase of the app payment system test version will be live.
The Beta version of the new exchange platform will be live.

It is now clear that pdxcoin is going to be the bridge between global payment and banking. We already understand that it is a product of a solution. This is not only a payment method because they want it to be legalized by the government, which means it will be available world wide and be the next level solution. If they can keep working according to their plan, it could turn into a massive project. We wish you all the best for your future work.

To know more information & all upcoming update news about this I strongly suggest everyone check out their official handle.


Author: Al-amin Ahsan
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I am not a financial advisor This Article is for informational purposes. I don’t suggest anyone invest in any project. If you want to do then do your research. Your money your research your risk.



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