We all know how rapidly crypto is growing. And how people are engaging with crypto. As a crypto person, I know how many crypto projects are launched each year, and of those, some are good and most are wasteful. Some projects come with some different ideas and some come with some solutions. Now think if a project comes up with an idea not as a payment system but as a blockchain solution.
They are not coming up with an existing blockchain, they are coming up with their own blockchian so that they can give their users the maximum service benefit. Will you be interested in checking that out?

Hello and welcome back everyone, I am Alamin. I hope you guys are well. I am back with another project called “PULSAR COIN”. This is going to be the next fully owned blockchain-backed crypto project. What we can use for several purposes And they have their own blockchian network, native crypto, DEX, and many more things. Today I will explain all of the features of the Pulsar coin project. I hope you guys will love to check out this project.

Pulsar Coin is a network. It is a network of blockchia, a network for community, and a network for solving existing problems. Pulsar is a decentralized blockchain network. They use a unique reward system that encourages the longevity of the blockchain ecosystem.

They want their coin to be the transition that the cryptocurrency ecosystem needs! With a unique algorithm and a Proof of work & Proof of Stake combo consensus, we stand out in the cryptocurrency community! Their coin is minable but only by processesors, not allowing for ASIC mining, the form of crypto mining that harms the environment. They plan on integrating our coin into hardware & software soon!

Technical Detailing For Crypto Exchange.
Liquidity Issues.

Secuerity is our biggest concern. Because it’s a matter of our lives, because this money is our way of saving our lives by spending things. So we also want security. But we know that because of its behavior and anonomy, it’s really hard to hack, but hackers are always trying and using their tricks, and most of the time, their tricks have worked, as we’ve seen lots of big hacking attacks too. Despite the fact that it is the most important concern, the things they keep in mind are also important.They say their blockchan is HTTP, HTTPS, TCP, and UDP protected and will always be safe. There will be a 24x7 security team working to secure the system and keep it safe from all types of attack.

A user may encounter issues with decentralized exchange due to technical reasons, such as transaction failure and high transaction costs. you set low transaction gwei by hand, then the transaction will be slow and might even fail. And to stay away from these types of problems, pulsar exchange technical work will be more detailed so that users can get the best experience and get better results when they use pulsar exchange. There will be lost transaction fees and the fastest transaction speed.

Pulsar coin claims they are coming up with the solution to another issue, which is liquidity. As a crypto user and early project investor, I am confronted with a liquidity issue.I think this is a headache for everyone. And they will come up with the solution. They say that is why they created Pulsar Coin (plsr), which will be the native currency of Pulsar Blockchian. And they will add 35% of the amount from the development fund to the liquidity pool. so that there won’t be any transaction failure issues for users.

Pulsar Exchange.
Online Wallets.
Mobile Applications.

Pulsar is going to be a decentralized exchange like Uniswap and Pancakeswap. And we can use this exchange on the Pulsar blockchain network. This decentrazed exchange also comes with all of the features like pools, stakes, farming launchpads and many more. But all those things come as a line up on their roadmap. According to them, their swapping system will be the cheapest and fastest because of the huge quantity of liquidity.

The Pulsar exchange’s other product is an online wallet. What we can use through the internet and browser That online wallet will be a decentralized and fully secured wallet. We can use their online wallet to access all of their services such as sending and receiving, swapping, staking, and so on.

TOKEN NAME: Pulsar Coin.
TOTAL SUPPLY: 500 Million.
LAUNCH SUPPLY: 450 Million


Marketing & Development: 40%.
Emergency Need & Liquidity: 35%.
Reinvest & Burn: 25%.


02/2022- 2023

Marketing campaign will be run through social media campaign.
Started the initial exchange listing.
Pulsar DEX will be launch.
Token expansion through forking.

More update coming soon.


So to conclude, it is clear that the pulsarcoin projects are going to be a complete blockchain network like Ethereum, Solana, Terra, etc. Despite this, they promise that their blockchian transaction fees will be the lowest and fastest in the industry.And they will also be launching their own decentralised exchange, which means full trust through the Pulsarcoin project. So it is clear that their vision and mission are now clear enough. They want to be a complete solution for users in crypto. What we face So I wish you the very best of luck for the success of your project.

To know more information & all upcoming update news about this I strongly suggest everyone check out their official handle.

Twitter: @PulsarCoin

Author: Al-amin Ahsan
Btt username: Imran232
Btt profile link:
PULSAR Address: PPTNCEdBDXbHTscqmeFA2wqmAaopaGVuaH

I am not a financial advisor This Article is for informational purposes. I don’t suggest anyone invest in any project. If you want to do then do your research. Your money your research your risk.



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