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Security is our biggest concern on every platform of our lives. We usually use a bank to keep our money safe.bank will give us security, it is our trust. Here is the same thing with crypto. And in the crypto space, where we come for decentralized security, we know it’s extremely difficult to know the exat company details as well as the company owners’ details.Soo in the crypto space. We badly need it. Because here we also keep our money, security is a must. And we want a decentralized wallet where if we get some features to exchange our money too, then it won’t be great.

Yes, it would be because if these things happen, we won’t need to send our balance from the decentralized wallet to any centralized exchange. And you know what’s even better? I’ve got a project with the same concept.They are coming with all of the features that crypto users want, like decentralized mobile/pc/web browser supported wallets, DEX, NFT, DeFi, Dapp support, and multi-network support. So, in general, you will find everything you require in the crypto space in one place.

Hello and welcome back everyone, I am Alamin. I hope you guys are well. I am back with an all in-one crypto project called “QENETEX”. It is going to be the next all is one crypto solutions.. Today I will explain all of the features of QENETEX. I hope you guys will love to check out this project.

Qenetex is a non-custodiall wallet that offers us a variety of crypto-ads and blockchain features.It is called a total bank app but in crypto. Qebetex provides all the crypto related services in one place, so users do need to go to any other app or wallet to find other services. Qenetex is an all-in-one crypto problem solution app.

Multi-Acoount & KYC LESS.
Multichain Blockchain.

We know that people feel hesitant to share their personal information with others. That is why they don’t like to use centralized exchange. And centralised exchanges have limitations on creating accounts, but in decentralised exchanges there is no limitation on creating accounts for anyone. That means anyone.
He can create as many accounts as he needs. That is the benefit of a decentralised wallet. And as a decentralised wallet, the Qenetex wallet supports multi-wallet creation.

We already know that Qenetex is building on blockchain technology and that it is based on decentralised. And as a non-custodial wallet user, he has the power to control his own wallet. Which looks most secure?



Instead of re-entering all recipient information every time you make a recurring payment, develop and preserve templates for your regular transactions.


Through QR, FIO, and URL supporting features, we can send and receive our funds without putting in the longest address. We know that a blockchain address is 40+ letters of address and what we need to copy and paste to send and receive funds. The shortest forms of receiving funds addresses are QR, FIO, and URL.Furthermore, qenetex wallet supports all QR SCAN, FIO, and URL methods.


Bulk invoices mean sending multiple transactions in one (Save on fees). With this feature, we can send any token or coin to any number of user accounts by spending a single transaction fee. which will help us to save multiple sending blockchain fees. The Qenetex wallet has multi-transaction features.


Address export features help us to create addresses as documents in formats like excel, txt, and archive and help transfer these formats to others.

Qenetex intends to give consumers with more comprehensive list of providers, which will include both well-known worldwide brands and smaller local businesses. Users may utilize the platform to access a variety of prominent exchanges from a single wallet interface. Some fiat program services may be inaccessible in countries where currency bans have been implemented.

There are several blockchains in the crypto industry, and people have to invest in and explore every platform in the crypto world. That is why they used lots of wallets to use the specific blockchain service. But here is a solution where users will get all the blockchian supported features in one wallet, which saves us time and space too. And the qenetex wallet is the one.

Qenetex Launchpool is a collection of several blockchain initiatives that are offered as coins or tokens. This enables businesses to distribute assets before they are scheduled to be released. For sending their assets to projects, users have the option of receiving additional tokens (or “farming” them).

By providing liquidity on a decentralized pool, Qenetex gives a reward to users in QEX Token. Participants will be paid in the QENetex token for developing trading pairings, managing existing pools, and guaranteeing a stable and uninterrupted exchange process. Various liquidity providers and trade pairings can be used to begin the program.

The Qenetex team thinks that DeFi, among the most quickly growing aspects of the crypto sector, has enormous potential. The current amount of the banking service may be utilized in DeFi through buy/sell and exchange services. Our objective is to combine the traditional financial system with decentralized finance (DeFi). The 22loan/borrow feature is included in integrated DeFi solutions, and the list of integrated services includes both centralized and decentralized DeFi enterprises.

Qenetex enables further cryptocurrencies by including a financial function on its platform. This is a white-label service that offers dependable banking capabilities through the company’s trusted partners.

TOKEN NAME: Qenetex Token.
TOTAL SUPPLY: 3 Billion.

Community/Backers: 40%
QEX LP/Farming: 27%
Team: 15%.
Early liquidity Pool Farming; 5%
Marketing / Bounty: 5%.
Treasury: 5%.


The QEX token will be used as a fee on the QEX DEX. Whatever we bought, sold, or transacted, the fees will be deducted in qex token.


Every qex token holder will get reward from the gas fees.

Working on wallet desktop version development.
Developed Exchange search Engine.
Buy/Sell Features Will be live.

QEX Token Smart contract will be publish.
Cash back And Loyality programme will begin.
Start Launchpool campaign for project.
Early Liquidity pool and Yield farming announcement.
Introduced Gasless Features.

Introduced Multi Trade Features.
Introduced Banking Features.
Introduced DeFi Features.
Introduced NFTs Details.
Token Governance Details will be publish.

Introduced EVM-Compatible Blockchain Technology with Qenetex.
Pool features will be live.
Bridges features will be live.
DeFi features will be live.
NFTs features will be live.
Introduced Metaverse Details.
Introduced DApp SDK.

Though security is the biggest offer from Qenetex Wallet, there are many more features, and most of them are useful and helpful too. Like template, qr, fio, url, and address export, they are helpful features because they help us to save time and fees. And on the other hand, some features like apps, multi invoices, security, kyc, and others are useful for us. Because of they are so many feature-based projects and because they are a combined wallet of every blockchain solution, we can predict that this might be users’ next choice wallet. I wish you all the best for future Qenetex wallets.

To know more information & all upcoming update news about this I strongly suggest everyone check out their official handle.


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Author: Al-amin Ahsan
Btt username: Imran232
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Qenetex Address: 0x5C51925Dc1c603776cb38AC6c69c3dB8Dbfc94f2

I am not a financial advisor This Article is for informational purposes. I don’t suggest anyone invest in any project. If you want to do then do your research. Your money your research your risk.



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