Just imagine a project coming to help the climate. They will work to stop global warming. They did not directly contribute to the resolution of any planned problem, such as global warming.Now you might be a little confused. Okay, let me clarify your doubts. You are a company, and now you want to work to help with the problem of global warming. That is why, if you want to work, you must face numerous challenges.

That is why you thought there was a solution to this, and the solution is to donate money to those NGOs or organizations that are working on global warming. You no longer need to travel around the world, and you don’t need permission from anyone.If we donate money to those NGOs, then they can continue their work and this fund will help them a lot. We know this type of organization has to face funding problems because they are privately funded organizations.

And they continue their work thanks to the donations they received from others. Now comes the important part: if you can do this work using blockchain, no one will be able to track your data.And nobody will know who is donating and how much they are donating because the donor has to face problems when they donate large amounts of money. Sometimes the bank will hold that amount. On the blockchain, we can do this work anonymously.

And I found a project that will be working for that reason, which means they claim they are for the help of the planet. They will donate money to NGOs with their project coins. And if we become investors in their projects, we don’t need to pay any money. They will be generating some percentage of fees which will be for that donation. Isn’t it cool? Today I will show you the projects.

Hello and welcome back everyone, I am Alamin. I hope you guys are well. I am back with a project called RINGCOLD. Today I will explain all of the features of RINGCOLD. I hope you guys will love to check out this project.


RingCold is a crypto currency project that will work for the help of the planet. This is a Switzerland-based project. But they want to work for the world. That is why all their products and features will be live for the worldwide audience. So that people can see the service that these projects provide for the planet. But they will provide their service as a donation on a decentralized basis to the NGOs. If we say it simply, then they will donate the money to the NGOs that are working for the solution to the planet’s problems. And the money will be given as a token of their RGC. They will also donate to international non-governmental organizations (NGOs).No matter which country the NGO belongs to, the donation will be given. That is why they are launching some features, which will be described below.


Several NFTs Projects Launch.
NGOs Donation.
Global Warming Support.
Mobile Apps.
Fastest Transaction.
Anonymous Suppoprt.

Several NFTs Projects Launch:

Ringcold will work for donations and they will donate to charities world wide, so they also need money to donate and need money to continue their work. So they will collect money in different or several ways. First and foremost, their priority stems from their token.Second way is that they will launch several nft collections on the ethereum network based on the world’s best nft marketplace, which is called opensea. They will donate 25% of the amount of profit they generate from all the nft collections. They have already launched 3 nft collections on 3 different topics. Here are the details of the projects of NFTs.

Griffins NFT:


NGOs Donation:

We already understand that Ringcold’s work will be for the donation to NGOs for the support of the planet. But we don’t know how much and which NGOs they will donate to. Though they claim they will donate to NGOs all over the world, Though they are at the beginning of their journey, they still mention some projects’ logos on their website. And in the future, they will donate more projects.

To know more information & all upcoming update news about this I strongly suggest everyone check out their official handle.


Author: Al-amin Ahsan
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I am not a financial advisor This Article is for informational purposes. I don’t suggest anyone invest in any project. If you want to do then do your research. Your money your research your risk.



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