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There is no doubt that NFT has become the most revolutionary technology in the blockchain industry. People’s own virtual assets are going to be the future of the metaverse. Here they will get the full copyrighted ownership and sell the copyrighted product too. And we all know how NFT has become the most popular topic in the world for any type of artist.

We saw lots of celebrities, artists, and whatever you say that is uniq has turned into nft. And nft is still the most valuable thing in the blockchain industry. NFt makes millionaires of lots of people. And that is why when we want to create, buy, or sell any nft, we need a secured place. Though we know that Opensea is the largest nft listed marketplace ever, we can only sell nft on those marketplaces and have no benefits without the selling value.

even if they cut 2.5% of our sales. But if we get some benefits after using a new site to sell our NFT, that means if we get some token that is tradeable on the market as a reward after selling our NFT, isn’t it going to be cool? I know what it is and you want to know about that marketplace.

Hello and welcome back everyone, I am Alamin. I hope you guys are well. I am back with an NFT marketplace called SPUME. Today I will explain all of the features of SPUME. I hope you guys will love to check out this project.

What is SPUME?

Spume is an NFT buying and selling marketplace. Where a user who has the ownership of held nft can list his nft for selling purposes, whatever the price he wants, he can set and list it on the marketplace. If a user wants to buy that nfts ownership, he can either buy it at the price that the seller fixed or offer the buyer a price that he thinks this nfts is worth. If the seller accepts the buyer’s offer, then the nft will be sent to the buyer’s account and the value of the nft will be sent to the seller’s account from the buyer’s bid. By this, a user sent the ownership of some and got the value for this. That is why nft is so popular, and all this work will be completed via the spume marketplace.

And to do this work, spume will charge a little perchantage, like 2.5%, from the seller’s account. Now you can say if other marketplaces also charge the same percantage, then why should we choose spume? Here is the answer and that is, if we get any sales, they will charge 2.5%, but for this charge, they will give us a reward of a spume token as a bonus. This reward will depend on the value of the spume market place’s daily generation. After a day, they will calculate the amount they generated, which they will divide by 2.5%, and then the amount they got will be multiplied by 0.025. And the amount will be redistributed to all users.

There are lots of upcoming features that the company is bringing to us in the marketplace. so that users will be more drawn to this marketplace and benefit more from what they do in it. I will describe the latest developments when they make a proper update on them.


Spume is an Ethereum network-based utility token of the spume project. It has a fixed supply and, according to them, they had no plan to increase the number of tokens and had no plan to burn any tokens in the near future. Spume is an 18-decimal-based token. Though spume is a utility token, it has a dao facility, which will be a usecase for future voting and rewarding systems for users.



Presale: 15%.
Public Sale: 20%.
DAO Treasury: 20%.
Marketing: 5%.
Liquidity: 10%.
Early Backers: 15%.
Team: 15%.


Members & Shareholders:

Shareholders are basically those people who hold a spume token in their wallet, which means they are like normal investors who have no linkup with the team or any dao worker. If we invest in the spume token, we will be holders of the spume token. We are indivisual people. If we want, we can be both. shareholders and members. Now comes to members. “Members” means those people who work for Spume Dao. They had a special bonus: as a Dao member, he would get a bonus reward from the Dao treasury. And dao workers had the ability to vote on any form of governance.

Shareholders voting:

As a shareholder of spume token, he had the right to vote. But this is possible when you have the number of tokens that the team decided on, and that will be possible when the team takes a snapshot of the users’ wallets and gives them permission to vote. So that means we have to keep the token at the snapshot time. And there is a bonus reward for voters too, from the treasury.


Protocol 1.0:

Branding has begun.
Angel Round will be live.
Publications will begin.

Protocol 2.0:

Private sale will be live.
The first campaign will be launch of the marketing.
Coinmarketcap & Coingecko listing.

Protocol 3.0:

Launchpad will be live.
Started Decentralised exchange listing.
Centralised Exchange listing.

Protocol 4.0:

NFT Marketplace will be live.
Hottest NFT drops.
Beginning the Brand Ambassador Programme.
Made new strategic Partnership

Protocol 5.0:

Working on Nft Marketplace Upgrades.
Implementation of DAO.
Launch New Community Events.



There is no doubt that spume might be an open-sea alternative. There are lots of similar things with the opensea marketplace, but we know that opensea is the largest and best nft marketplace. But we wish the success of the spume nft marketplace. Because spemu also provides us with some extraordinary benefits for using their service and if they run smoothly, Then OpenSEA might have to face competition. That’s my overal opinion on this.

To know more information & all upcoming update news about this I strongly suggest everyone check out their official handle.


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I am not a financial advisor This Article is for informational purposes. I don’t suggest anyone invest in any project. If you want to do then do your research. Your money your research your risk.



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