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Following the 2019 pandemic, the gaming industry will exhibit a revolutionized pump.Not because of the pandemic, but because of the development of the gaming concept and its story. The gaming industry shows its power. Otherwise, in 2021, the gaming companies will sell $61 billion dollars’ worth of in-game assets. And this is proof that people are interested in the game to buy skins or other in-game assets. But if we do research, then there is another proof that the company gets $61 billion dollars, but what do those players get after spending hours after hours? The answer is nothing.

But what if I told you about a project that would pay you money without requiring you to pay anything in return? They will pay you money for playing your favorite game concept, such as battle or shooting. Isn’t that great? Is it going to be cool for you? Okay, now let me explain.

Hello and welcome back everyone, I am Alamin. I hope you guys are well. I am back with a blockchain based video game called “SURVIVE”. Today I will explain all of the features and benifits of SURVIVE. I hope you guys will love to check out this project.

What is SURVIVE?

Survive is a blockchain-based decentralized free to play and play to earn game. The Survive game is built for the tastes of modern youth. They understood which types of games people loved, and they built games based on that understanding. Their vision is that if a person spends their time playing a game, then they should be rewarded for their valuable time. We saw that the types of play to earn points are almost as boring as the books they are based on. Because it has meta-cuty, battle, and the first person shooting conecpet. Survive also aims to be the next generation of metaverse projects and create the metverse world asset in their game.




Survive is a completely free-to-play game. No one needs to pay a single penny to play this game. Though we know that surviving is also a play to earn game, can we earn money if we play a free game? The answer is yes, because the game has no paid features, so we can play this game for free and earn money for playing too. They claim they will give everyone a fair chance. That is why their game is fully free and everyone can earn money in the free mode of play.


P2E means play to earn features. What is becoming more popular in the gaming community? We know how popular and addictive games are because 90% of young people play them. But lots of addictive games have no features to give value in return to their players. Only the company earns from the players’ time. But, thanks to blockchain technology, you can now simply play your favorite type of game on blockchain and earn money.You now have the funds.Survive games also bring your favorite types of games for you to play, and you can still play them without earning money, but now you can earn money by playing Survive games. You can get a surv token or even an in-game asset that is tradeable as an nft.


Though the game is based on a zombie-infected metaverse world where most people are infected, some people are uninfected. And they had to survive on this earth against the zombies. So, based on that concept, they created this game with a multi-mode where everything that is not go is and where the uninfected people live is in the metaverse mode. And another mode is called “battle area.”



Metaverse mode is basically the place where the unifected people live now. They are separated from the “no go” area. means from infected or deceased people. Metaverse mode is a city of meta where we can make new friends, play with weapons, build a new city with new in-game assets, and have a car to use. Whatever we want, we can do because it is the safest place. Not only is it safe to play, earn money, and make friends, Those who play games say smart people choose Meta City.


Battle mode is also a zombie-free mode. There are no zombies here, so you can play against another player.It’s a game of player vs. player. Where you can create your own squad and play against another squad of players, and if you win, you earn, and you can rank up your profile too. This is the most popular gaming concept in the gaming industry right now. Here you have to survive by kicking other players.


“Zombie is the most dangerous mode in this game ever. Here you have to go to the no-go area and fight with infected people. Those are zombies. You have to survive by killing zombies, otherwise you will die.


When we play games, yes, we can play the games for free and earn money by playing free games. And when we play, we may win some in-game assets, which can be anything like weapons or cars. Now you may think, if I win it for free, then is there any guarantee that it will be mine until I send it to another one? Yes, man, this is the benefit of blockchain and decentralization. Because of building this game on a decentralized basis, no matter if we buy any weapons, cars, or some other gift, we win. If it comes to my walllet, it is mine, which means it is mine. Until I sell this as a nft, it will be mine.


After playing the game, you will either win some in-game assets or fall in love with the idea of buying some in-game assets. It is not a centralised game, so you do need to buy some points to buy any asset. For your sake, you can either buy or sell your in-game assets. You can also sell your assets at the best price since they have already turned your assets into nft. Yes, it is in your blockchain wallet, so you can trade it like an NFT. And the team will release a nft marketplace where you can easily sell your nft or in-game assets without going to any marketplace. And you can take your real cash. Yes, the cash will be real. Because you will sell our nft for crypto and you will exchange your crypto for cash.


TOTAL SUPPLY: 1 Trillion.


PRESALE: 12.5%.
TEAM: 6.25%.
Advisors: 6.25%.
BURN: 10%.

Token Trading TAX:

Survive token has a tax for both buyers and sellers. Hey, don’t panic. This tax won’t be for the team. This tax amount will be for community help. Yes, it does cut for us. to them, they will cut the tax from the trade as a fee, and the fees will automatically go to the treasury. They will charge 14% tax on any trading transaction like buying or selling. No matter if we buy a surv token or sell it, 14% will be deducted.

Here is the tax treasury where it will gone:




Whitepaper will be published.
Website will be live.
Public and Presale will be live of SURV Tokens.
NFT collection will be launch of SURVIVOR.
NFT marketplace will be live.
NFT farming will be live and SURV staking too.

Q2-Q4 2022: RELEASE V1

Beta V1 will be Release of SURVIVE ON windowd browser.
Zombie will be live.
Listing surv token on any mid tier exchange.
Ranking system will be live.
Integration in Metaverse from meta.


Battle field arena will be live.
Release ingame asset as nft like weapons and cars.
Release quest system.
Survive V2 will be release on windows broser.

2023: Preparation:

First mini Esports event held for 100 limited people.
Event system will be launch.
Launch of survive V3 for mac and windows browser.
Held metaverse events for survive.
Mobile version development will begin.


I hope now you understand the vision and what they are going to bring to us. And, if the metaverse and the nft are the future of virtual world assets, and the gaming industry is the only thing that nft and the metaverse bring together, that means the game world will be the metaverse and weapons, cars, and other in-game assets will be the nft. And what will be converted into money? And survive is going to be the next generation of P2E games. So success needs time, but it will definitely come. What survives will be given away because they were too early in embracing this concept.

To know more information & all upcoming update news about this I strongly suggest everyone check out their official handle.


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I am not a financial advisor This Article is for informational purposes. I don’t suggest anyone invest in any project. If you want to do then do your research. Your money your research your risk.



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