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The Island live || Reviewed by ALAMIN AHSAN

Hello and welcome back everyone, I am Alamin. I hope you guys are well. I am back with another crypto project The island live. This project will working with games in the basis of blockchain technology. This project will also gives us all types of gaming features and blockchain features too. Today I will explain all of the features of island live project I hope you guys will love to check out this project.


The Island Live is a blockchain-based virtual gaming world that offers a variety of crypto services as well as traditional gaming services. We all know how the crypto currency and blockchain world have become popular day by day and our most-known gaming industry is also the most popular in the world. So, the Island project has a revolutionary concept in that it brings together the gaming and the crypto industries. They incorporate all gaming and cryptocurrency services into their project so that users can get all of the best services in one place.


  • L’ile FARM.
  • L’ile FARM:

The L'ile farm seems to have its own buyback mechanism, inflation safeguards, but, most importantly, the new L'ile supply will undoubtedly decrease as time goes on. Farm Lile, The ISLAND's Official Cryptocurrency, will be a part of and a pioneer of a New World of Gamified Digital through NFTs and decentralized Apps, with its own distinct, distinct way of flying high.


UNICORNIA is indeed the beginning and a component of the ISLAND. Unicorns would be capable of generating Lile (LILE TOKEN, The ISLAND's Official Digital currency), and no matter how large their ownership and level are, the greater their generating capacity is.

Unicorns also improve the overall user experience on The ISLAND; they can be changed and updated through contests, trades, and fights in designated locations for a variety of additional benefits.



Island wallet interface is very user-friendly. It looks soo simple so that users can enjoy it when they using island wallet.


We know that island is a decentralized project so there wallet also be a decentralized. And we know decentralized wallet is fully secured. Because user has its own control the company also can't the wallet.


Transaction fees are mostly pain for users we know that a person cost $5M transaction fees to send just $1k in ethereum. And this thing made a blander in ethereum blockchain. We know island project is based on binance smart chain so we know bsc network has the lowest fees for transaction.

Play, Trade, Earn, Build, HODL:

Moving on to additional aspects of The ISLAND website, we could see that we'll be able to stream videos through various applications available on Windows, Mac, and Mobile, and also that the apps will present a variety of other chances for players to engage in.

The ISLAND will also have its own Passport, or unique ID, in the future, where you can become a permanent citizen after spending a certain amount of time on the island. The higher your reputation, the more the official cryptocurrency L'ile will be highlighted. As a result, users will value not only earning and possessing the token, but also hoarding it.

NFTs + DeFi x Gamified:

With many of its features and concepts, such as endless p2p onnectivity, discovering all of the group content, and earning coins as rewards, The Outdoor security not just a sustainable, profitable, and fun ecosystem, but also an inventive framework for early tech adopters, starting with farming, NFTs, and the use of blockchain and what the DeFi era has to offer. It has a philosophy that will help it succeed.

Unicorns, as well as all other in-game NFTs and assets, will be sold on a marketplace. Furthermore, there are numerous other locations and dApps that have been designated as concepts that are ready to serve and have advanced in terms of representation for The ISLAND's citizens.

Your voyage on The Island begins with the registration of your Unicorn. This Unicorn is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) which can only belong to you and lives in your wallet, that you will spend on The Island and all related dApps.

You may buy, sell, trade, and manage your tokens in the following steps using the web-based wallet and integrated system, which is private, safe, compact, and, most importantly, simple to use.

Enter a bold and brand new world that offers more than just a "Gamified DeFi" product or an exquisite appearing clever sounding dApp; it's a watershed moment and a sturdy bridge that could lead to a shift in how we think about cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and online entertainment.


ISLAND does have its own purchase platform and money supply protection, but the new L'ile supply is undoubtedly going to just be lower and lower as progress is made. L'Ile and will be the only digital currencies used to power the economic system, including Binance Smart Chain transactions connecting the Island and the Moon Unicorn.

The ISLAND also provides a passport, identity, and permanent citizen for a set period of time.The greater your reputation, the greater the official L'ile cryptocurrency is. This means that users have not only the value to earn and have, but also the ability to hedge the token.

To know more information & all upcoming update news about this i strongly suggest everyone to checkout their official handle.

L’ile FARM Website:

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