Why we should be a part of CEZO PROJECT (PART -1)

In this article i am going to show you about a cryto dapps based project. Which is truely a tremendous Project. This project has something unique part than others dapps based crypto project. You will know lots of this about this project by reading this review article i hope everyone get lots of needy information from here. So lets strat by a simple introduction intro about Cezo project.

(Important: This project has lots of features for removing your boringness i devide my opinion in 2 part. This is a part 1 you will get part 2 very soon or i willl update the link here after uploading part 2. Please read both for all information.)

Part-2 Link: Click here

Cezo is a Daaps based decentralized OS infrastructure project. Which enable full ecosystem required by complex computation.


Cezo is running on a framework that capacities on both off-chain and Blockchain. CEZO is intended to be a model that makes up for the moderate calculation and transmission of information by means of the conventional Blockchain throughput. It does as such by giving a two-layer preparing arrangement where synchronous information handling. For example, those including keen agreements are done by means of Blockchain nodes and nodes through CEZO.

In doing as such, the Dapps addresses the number apparent disadvantage of Blockchain administrations that forestalls more extensive reception of the innovation in many areas. This will likewise help in the production of new Dapps administrations that are outfitted explicitly towards giving extra calculation rates to both other existing dApps on the lookout and those that will jump up in the unavoidable development of the innovation's reception.



It is an advanced operating system for the development of decentralized applications.

This intensive resource calculations can be processed for off-chain.

CEZO is an Digital DApps operating system that utilizing Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing, and Big Data.

This usecase for easy to integrate, automated verifications and efficient OS.

What is Cezo OS?

CEZO is a decentralized OS infrastructure to enable full ecosystem required by complex computations of DApps.
CEZO node is a self-contained OS, that can submit the of the off-chain computations, dispute or approve the results provided by other nodes.


CEZO Works both on Blockchain and off-chain, the two of which contain nodes. Nonetheless, it is the off-chain nodes where CEZO is really significant. They are included the whole foundation of the dApp, both regarding programming and equipment parts. Clients that need to utilize the dApp will manage the nodes and will require their own nodes, too. Engineers and customers will be furnished with nodes and they will be the sole duty of the proprietor

These nodes accompany local parts for offchain activities. These will give admittance to the computational capacities of the equipment that contains the hub, just as the full stockpiling that accompanies it. Irrefutable calculations are additionally made conceivable through these nodes utilizing reference executions. All the more significantly, it is through these off-chain nodes that the framework can collaborate with the principle block for check and finish. Losing admittance to these nodes implies losing admittance to the pertinent Blockchain network.


There are a few primary advantages that accompany utilizing the off-chain calculation that is offered by CEZO, head of which is lessening data transfer capacity load. There are numerous occurrences where it was proposed that less decentralization was the appropriate response, yet this is just not the situation. Off-chain calculation gives a serviceable center ground where figurings are done a lot quicker and where they are debate goals set up without totally unifying.


SMART CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0xFEbc25f4c5fc3E90a7eFaE0b4d436A77c9e131B3


TOTAL SUPPLY: 7,920 000,000 CEZ

Mining rewards: 36%
Team: 25%
Public sale: 15%
Reserve Fund: 8%
Private sale: 10%
Bounty and events: 6%

For more information check article part 2.

Part-2 Link: Click here

If you want more information or upcoming update Follow their all official handle:

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Author: Al-amin Ahsan
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This Article is for informational purpose. I don’t suggest anyone to invest any project. If you want to do then do your own research. Your money your research your risk.

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I write about crypto project related article. I explain everything about a project which is based on crypto

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Al-amin Ahsan

Al-amin Ahsan

I write about crypto project related article. I explain everything about a project which is based on crypto

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